The Media Centre provides international and domestic media with the information, tools and ideas to share stories about the quality and breadth of New Zealand’s international education sector with the world.

We welcome story submissions from education providers.

If your institution would like to submit a story to be considered for inclusion in the Media Centre, please follow the below guidelines and visit the ‘submit a story’ page on the Media Centre.

Submissions must be made through this online form.

Please note that Education New Zealand (ENZ) will exercise editorial discretion – such as whether the copy is edited, whether it will be featured as part of a broader story, and where the finished product will be disseminated.


1. Types of content

Media Centre stories should position New Zealand as a high-quality education destination and have a specific story angle of interest to one or more of our international markets. ENZ is keen to receive both feature story content that is timeless as well as upcoming news story content, ideally with plenty of notice.

Examples of potential stories could include (but not limited to):

- profiles of stand-out international students or graduates

- world-leading research

- international students working on leading research projects

- new international student scholarships

- profiles of award-winning teachers/academics

- unique and/or world-class facilities

- collaborations with businesses or export-focused companies.

2. Style and formatting

Stories should be about 500-700 words long. Include job titles and names of anyone quoted in a story.

All stories submitted by education providers will be credited with the provider’s name unless an alternative name is requested and supplied.

The online submission form will ask you to give your story a title, topic(s) and tag(s), and to state which international markets and regions it is most relevant to.

3. Imagery and video

All stories must be accompanied by professional-quality images. B-roll video can also be provided or a link to YouTube video.

If you do not hold copyright for the image or video, it must be licensed under an appropriate creative commons licence or in the public domain. ENZ will credit images and videos to the story’s author unless the photographer or videographer name is provided.

Any featured talent must have the required permissions for use on the Media Centre.

4. Uploading photos and videos

The submissions form on the Media Centre accepts stories only as a .TXT or .DOC file, with a maximum file size 2MB.

You will be asked to upload images separately as a single .ZIP file with a maximum file size of 5MB. Images should be high resolution, clearly labelled and captioned.

5. Copyright

Content submitted remains the property of the author and of ENZ.